Nova Geracao Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
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Master Toco is a true example when it comes to teaching jiu jitsu with passion and discipline. Nova Geracao Jiu Jitsu is synonymous to his noble essence as a human being and excellent professional.


Great leadership...great team!!! You do not want to miss our Grand Opening for the new Davie location! Stay tuned for more details. We are growing something good!


Master Toco is amazing as my master and as a human being as well. He cares about people and we are all treated like family. Oss.


The best place to learn Brazilian Jitsu under the watchful eye Master Toco. He’s is an amazing instructor , who gives it his all. He gives his time to teach each of his students. Makes you feel confident and makes you constantly laugh. Looking forward to continue my journey under him. Oss Master Toco


Master Toco is an original Carlson Gracie Sr. Black Belt, which puts him in a category of its own. It doesnt get more real than this as far as Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. My Sensei Michel " BUIÚ " Porfírio was among Master Toco's first Black Belts and for that I am greateful. You guys are very lucky to have a Nova Geração branch now in Broward. Osss…


If you are looking to find a place to train bjj along with feeling as if you are part of a family then Nova Geracao will be your place to call your jiu jitsu home. Master Toco is amazing, he has true lineage and above all a beautiful person both on and off the mats. There is a strong sense of friendship within the training partners and from day 1 you will always feel welcomed. Everyone who trains truly care about each other and are each others biggest supporters along with Master Toco. Jiu Jitsu is a hard sport, it will put you in places both mentally and physically that you never thought of but from your best to your worse day you will honestly know that by being part of Nova Geracao family you will receive all the support you will ever need to place you back on those mats the next day. As for the facility, the matted area is very large, the mats are high quality Fuji, they have the only foam support sub floor under the mats in all of Fl and the hours of training will meet everyone's needs. Oss


The best place to learn the fundamentals of Brazilian Jitsu. It's a privileged in being taught by Master Toco a 5th degree black belt of Carlson Gracie Sr. The atmosphere of the gym is very welcoming. All the students are courteous and respectful. Overall the best place to learn jitsu


GREAT school for jujitsu! As soon as I walked through the doors of NOVA GERACAO I was immediately greeted and felt as if I was part of the team already. Master Toco is a blessing and takes his time with his students to make sure everyone is learning and grasping what they've learned.


Professor Francisco "Toco" is the Man. Recommend to anyone who's looking for a great jiujitsu Instructor.